The Story Behind Comfeeze by Footlogix™: A 10-Year Journey

The Story Behind Comfeeze by Footlogix™: A 10-Year Journey

A Passion Project Begins

How long would you work on developing a new product when you already have a successful line of products? In the case of Footlogix® Founder and CEO Katharin von Gavel, the answer is 10 years.

Earlier this year, Footlogix® branched out from its core portfolio of professional and home foot care pediceutical® products and introduced Comfeeze by Footlogix™ recovery sandals. For von Gavel, this was a passion project she began shortly after founding Footlogix®. Her goal was to develop a quality pedicure sandal that would make it easier for both the technician and client to apply and go. And when the client walked out the door, they would be doing so in a comfortable pair of sandals.

Overcoming Design Challenges

The project started and stopped numerous times as prototypes were developed and tested internally. One of the biggest challenges for the Footlogix® design team was finding the right materials, as quality was crucial. Over the last decade, significant advancements in EVA foam materials in the footwear segment provided new opportunities. Through continuous efforts, the Footlogix® team finally found a material that offered the perfect balance of quality and comfort.

The Eureka Moment

“We were so close many times, but there was always something that wasn’t quite right,” says von Gavel. Then, in 2023, Footlogix® finally created a sandal that met all the desired requirements. “We were looking for a sandal that offered optimal toe separation with minimal friction, a balance of firm support and soft cushioning in the footbed, optimal arch support to enhance foot health, and many other great features,” von Gavel explains.

Footlogix® was entering a whole new space with this product. As the team tested the prototypes, there was a Eureka moment. Many runners and yoga enthusiasts began talking about how these sandals were the ultimate recovery sandals. Not only did the sandals provide the necessary cushioning and support for post-activity recovery, but they also featured built-in toe separation to aid in balance and recovery for feet that endure intense physical activity.

Expanding the Market

With this new insight, the Footlogix® team realized they had a sandal that could serve a much broader segment of the market. The last piece of the puzzle was figuring out what to call these new recovery sandals. The Footlogix® team held an internal naming competition, and though many great options were presented, the winning name, Comfeeze by Footlogix™, came from Footlogix® CFO Scott Yearwood.

Successful Launch and Future Plans

Footlogix® entered the footwear category early this year and has been delighted by the warm reception these new recovery sandals are receiving. Katharin von Gavel shared, “We really didn’t know what to expect. We worked with our manufacturing team and industry experts to determine the right sizes to start with. We launched with our Footlogix® brand color in women’s sizes 7-10.” Von Gavel went on to say that “the early success of Comfeeze by Footlogix™ means we are now looking at expanding our sizing options to serve a unisex customer base. We are already seeing a lot of interest from men, and who knows, we may even introduce more colors in the near future.”

Inspiration for Passion Projects

Ten years to develop a product might seem like a lifetime, but for Footlogix®, the trials, learning, and patience are paying off. We hope this story can inspire anyone with a passion project that hasn’t yet panned out. As long as you maintain a clear vision, the passion to see it through, and the fortitude to stick with it despite obstacles and failures, you stand a great chance of finding your own Eureka moment.