Footlogix Exfoliating Seaweed Scrub

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Footlogix® Exfoliating Seaweed Scrub gently exfoliates with organic microalgae, essential oils, and polished pumice, providing effective yet non-abrasive skin renewal and optional detoxification, ensuring a hygienic application with its pump dispenser.

Features and Benefits

  • Formulated with imported, highest-grade organic Laminaria seaweed. Contains Polished Pumice to clean and exfoliate the skin softly and gently.
  • Made with essential oils from Lemongrass, Vitamin E, Spearmint, and Mandarin.
  • Promotes hydration and leaves skin glowing.
  • Ingredients have anti-microbial and regenerative properties.
  • Can also be used as a detoxifying mask.

SIZE: 250 ml / 8.45 fl. oz.

Sku : FXP-15R0250-EXP

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All skin types. Can also be used as a body polish.


  • Dispense about one teaspoon into the palm of the hand.
  • Apply to body, feet and legs in circular massage type motion.
  • Add water to emulsify.
  • Rinse and pat skin dry.

Customer Reviews

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How is this scrub different from other scrubs?

The Footlogix Seaweed Scrub is a gentle exfoliator that allows active ingredients to penetrate into the layers of the epidermis. It does not contain sugars or salts and therefore is safe for all skin types.

What is the exfoliating component in the scrub?

The invigorating polished pumice. It refines the skin, gently exfoliates and promotes circulation.